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Engagement Photography Pricing for Modern
Art Photograph

The engagement shoot offers unlimited locations (any location in the Houston metropolitan area),
unlimited outfit changes, and up to 4 hour time limit.
The engagement shoot includes all the images recorded to usb disk and a private web gallery.

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When Is A Good Time To Book An Engagement Photo Shoot?

If you’re thinking about booking an engagement photo shoot, there are some key times to book them during the year. Here are some good times to book engagement photos:

• Spring – Blooming Nature: Spring is a season of vibrant colors and blooming flowers. Houston's parks and gardens come to life with beautiful blooms, creating a picturesque backdrop for your photos. The azaleas, bluebonnets, and wildflowers can add a pop of color to your engagement photos.  Outdoor Locations: Houston has many stunning outdoor locations, such as parks, gardens, and waterfront areas, which are ideal for engagement photos. The pleasant spring weather allows you to make the most of these beautiful settings.

• Summer – Sunny Weather: Summer in Houston typically offers plenty of sunshine, which can result in bright, well-lit photos. The natural light during this season can help your photos look more vibrant and appealing. Outdoor Locations: Houston has numerous outdoor locations that make for stunning engagement photo settings. You can consider parks, gardens, water features, and even urban areas. In the summer, these locations are more inviting and conducive to outdoor photography.

• Fall – Beautiful Foliage: While Houston may not have the same vibrant fall foliage as some northern regions, you can still find some lovely autumnal colors in the leaves and foliage. Many parks and outdoor locations in the city can provide a picturesque backdrop with changing leaves. Golden Hour Lighting: Fall often brings about a softer and warmer quality of light during the "golden hour" – the period shortly after sunrise and before sunset. This can create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere for your photos.

• Winter – Unique Atmosphere: Winter can provide a unique and cozy atmosphere for your photos. You can embrace the season by incorporating warm clothing, scarves, and even a cup of hot cocoa into your photos to create a romantic and seasonal ambiance.

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